New VW roadster likely

* Based on Bluesport concept car * Built on a common platform * which could bring Audi R4 and baby Porsche...

New VW roadster likely

Volkswagen's Bluesport roadster concept car could soon become reality, and our computer-generated image shows what the final car could look like.

Our image is based around the Bluesport roadster concept car that was unveiled at the Detroit motor show in 2009, and although Volkswagen still hasn't official confirmed that the car will enter production, we think the chances are high after discussions with key figures within the company.

Just as other platforms are shared within the VW Group the forthcoming Audi A1 is based on the VW Polo, for instance the underpinnings of the roadster are likely to be used by other brands in the family.

We've already shown how the platform could be used to create a smaller brother to the Audi R8 called the R4, as well as a new entry-level baby Porsche.