Next Peugeot RCZ to get three-cylinder engine

* Turbocharged 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine * Could be boosted to around 148bhp * Will also feature small steering wheel from 308...

Next Peugeot RCZ to get three-cylinder engine

Peugeot is likely to fit an uprated version of its new turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine to its next RCZ.

The engine, introduced on the 308 SW, could be boosted to around 150PS.

Head of product at Peugeot, Vincent Devos said: 'We're condfident that the torque offered by this new engine is enough that it can be used across our range. In terms of the next RCZ, it's a little way off, but why not?

'Although it could produce more, I think 150PS [148bhp] is about the limit for this engine. Any more, and it starts to lose efficiency and make less sense.'

Devos went on to suggest the next RCZ will also feature Peugeot's small steering wheel, already seen in its 208, 308 and 3008. 'We plan to fit our smaller wheel to most of the range, inluding our larger D segment cars.

'It's designed to feel sporty, so fitting it to a car like the RCZ makes sense. The 308's de-cluttered dash layout is likely to be seen across the range, including the RCZ, too.'

Asked about whether Peugeot was looking at using adaptive damper technology, Devos said: 'We looked at them when discussing a hotter version of the 308, but decided they were quite expensive and too heavy.'