Nilfisk C120.5-6 pad X-TRA

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Nilfisk C120.5-6 pad X-TRA

Nilfisk C120.5-6 pad X-TRA
Price: 153.14

Ease of use:
Straightforward and quick to assemble, with clip-and-lock fastenings used throughout. It was up-and-running within five minutes of coming out of the box.

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Detergent is delivered through a tank and nozzle that attaches to the lance, providing a strong and efficient flow of foam. Attachments included a rotary patio-cleaning brush which wasn't very effective in our test a standard brush and two nozzles. Cleaning power was strong, with the C120.5.6 pad X-TRA able to blast ground-in grime from our test car without the need for brushing.

Patios and driveways were also easily cleared of dirt and moss. It's a big machine, but the wheels and handle combine well to make it agile and easy to use.

Nilfisk C120.5-6 pad X-TRA
Max water pressure: 120 Bar
Flow rate: 440 Litres/hr
Motor Power: Not stated
Hose length: 5 metresStorage
Lots of clever storage solutions make this pressure washer easy to store and forget about when not in use. There's a hosereel, hook for the power cable, holders for all the attachments even the detergent tank nozzle has a home. The only slight downside is that to avoid kinks, the hose really needs to be disconnected before it's wound on to the reel.

What Car? says...
An excellent machine that will handle most domestic jobs with ease. The clever storage solutions are another big advantage of the Nilfisk. On the downside, other machines have more spectacular cleaning ability. As an overall package, though, it's certainly worth considering for all types of jobs.