Peppa Pig Portable DVD Player

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Pete Barden
26 Apr 2012 10:11 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Peppa Pig Portable DVD Player
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Features: This is a single unit that comes with a seven-inch screen, and a claimed six hours of playback from the built-in rechargeable battery pack. It is compatible with most popular digital formats, including: DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DivX, MP3, MP4, WMA JPEG. There also an AV socket and SD memory card slot for extra connectivity. Headphones, 12V and mains adapters are also included. There's also a parental control code available.

Mounting system? Yes. A pink, Peppa Pig-branded pouch straps the player securely to the back of the headrest in just a few seconds. The mounting system feels sturdy and can be removed with ease after use. Using the machine is straightforward with clear, intuitive controls on the pink remote control.

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Ease of use: Setting-up and mounting the Peppa Pig DVD player in your car couldn't be easier. Simply strap it to the headrest with the easy-to-use mounting pouch, plug in the 12v adapter and headphones, and it's ready to play. The pink remote control is thin, clearly laid out and intuitive to use. The supplied headphones are of the earplug type, which young children who this unit is squarely aimed at will find difficult to keep in their ears, or to refit if they fall out. We'd advise swapping for a lightweight pair of traditional headphones if you want to avoid regular pit-stops to reinsert and restore the peace.

Performance: The Peppa Pig unit is a well-featured unit that can entertain a wide variety of media formats. However, sound quality is not amazing, and the screen quality is no better than average. The operating menu is easy enough to navigate and has some interesting features such as variable slow-motion settings.

What Car? says This will be an extremely popular, if rather expensive, purchase for younger passengers, and it will certainly have a definite shelf-life as they get older. Despite the headphones being the earplug type, the lead is a sensible length, so should not get tangled around younger viewers or cause a trip hazard. The machine's maximum volume isn't that impressive, too, and could struggle to compete with excessive wind noise at motorway speeds. Another issue is that the machine won't remember where the DVD was last played if it's turned off mid-movie. However, the neat, branded car mounting pouch appears to be very secure and encases the entire unit. It's also easy to remove when not in use. The mount doubles as handy carry case, too. The Peppa Pig DVD player is neat, well featured machine just make sure it's right for the intended child before parting with your cash.