Peugeot iOn driven

* Small electric city car tested * Similar to Mitsubishi i-Miev and Citroen C-Zero * Lease for £415 + VAT per month...

Peugeot iOn driven

If you really want an electric car and have a strange aversion to the excellent Nissan Leaf, your choice is somewhat limited.

One of only a handful of alternatives is the Peugeot iOn, also known as the Citroen C-Zero or Mitsubishi i-Miev.

All that differs among this electric trio are the badges and the price Peugeot's version is lease only for a sizeable £415 per month plus VAT over four years. That's slightly more than it'll cost to lease a hybrid Lexus CT200h.

Sure the iOn is a different beast it'll squeeze just four people in (and it will be a squeeze), while quality is more akin to a 1981 Toyota than a 2011 Lexus. You're unlikely to be going far, given the 93-mile range, which is just as well because there's not much space for luggage, either.

However, as something to tootle around town in, it's not all bad. The ride is a bit bouncy, but not too uncomfortable, while there's decent oomph from the 49kw electric motor. It'll just about keep pace on dual carriageways and motorways, but although there's only ever a gentle whirr from the motor, there's plenty of wind and road noise.

The iOn is lavishly equipped, too, with air-con, six airbags, alloy wheels and stability control. Strangely, there's no clock, though!

A full charge from a 13 amp socket will take seven hours and you'll get an 80% charge ion 30 minutes from a fast-charge point, if you can find one. That's all pretty normal electric car fare it's just a shame the iOn costs so much.

What Car? says

Peugeot iOn
Price £415 per month + VAT lease only
Power 49kw
Range 93 miles
0-62mph 15.9secs
Top speed 81mph
CO2 g/km 0
Insurance group 28P (provisional)
Airbags 6
Doors 5
Colours 7