Peugeot iOn electric car

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Peugeot iOn electric car

Here's another chance to see the Peugeot iOn electric car, which is on the company's stand here at the Geneva motor show.

What is it?
You could be forgiven for thinking this is the Mitsubishi iMiEV, and you'd be pretty much right. This is Peugeot's version of the iMiEV, which will also be sold as a Citroen as part of a cooperation between the companies.

Weve driven the iMiev, on which the iOn is based, and think it's an excellent car.

Despite the pricetag, and the worries that you might need more than its 80-mile range, the iOn will be able to carry four people in comfort at up to 80mph.

This is much more than just a car for cities its one that can also cope with the towns and high-speed roads in between them.

How practical is it?
The iOn family of electric cars score reasonably well on this front. The iOn, and its Mitsubishi and Citroen counterparts, need six hours to recharge fully from empty, or half an hour to get back up to 80% charge.

How green is it?
Once again, the iOn performs well on this from too even with electricity from the most old-fashioned coal-fired power stations it has far lower carbon dioxide emissions than conventionally-powered cars.

Local pollution is completely taken out of the equation, so the iOn wont spout harmful particulates or NOx around our towns.

How much and when?
The iOn goes on sale towards the end of this year and is likely to cost 20,000 to 25,000.

i-On electric car in Mu mobility scheme
Peugeot's iOn is expected to play a big part in Peugeot's Mu car-hire scheme where drivers can hire Peugeot cars for varying amounts of time at favourable rates.

Not only will it be available to rent, but anyone buying an iOn will have access to the Mu mobility scheme should they want to borrow a conventionally-powered car for a longer journey.

The Mu scheme will be available in London at the end of the year through Peugeot-owned dealers.