Peugeot looks at radical interiors for 2016 models

* Plans afoot for major rethink on Peugeot interiors * Unpainted metals, untreated wood and patinated leather being assessed * Company seeks to differentiate product from those of rivals...

Peugeot looks at radical interiors for 2016 models

Peugeot will bring radical new materials, potentially including new leather treatments and untreated woods and metals, to its production cars by 2016, in a bid to differentiate itself from rivals.

The Peugeot Onyx and Peugeot Exalt concept cars have already showcased uses of more extreme materials, including unpainted bodywork, untreated natural woods and leather that has been aged to show creases rather than been treated for longevity.

Head of design Gilles Vidal told What Car?: 'Our guiding principles are elegance and efficiency. We believe there is room to do something different, and that Peugeot has the right brand values for people to accept some flair in future.'

Vidal said several materials are being assessed for production potential; Peugeot must first check they are durable enough and that customers want them.

'Even I do not know what will make production, but by 2016 you will start to see something different on our cars,' he said. 'We are committed to this path – it is just down to the designers and marketeers to decide exactly what we do.'