Political policy: The Green Party

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Political policy: The Green Party

As well as plenty of new cars, were also going to have a general election next year, so we asked the Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrats to give us their take on transport policy. Heres what they said

The Green Party would:
• Invest an extra 30 billion into rail, bus, cycle and pedestrian transport improvements
• Return Britains rail and underground networks to public ownership
• Introduce trams and light rail into more cities
• Make using public transport cheaper than private motoring
• Reflect the huge hidden costs of road transport in progressively increased fuel taxes
• Instigate overall tax reform
• Introduce a maximum speed limit of 55mph on motorways and trunk roads, 40mph on rural roads and 20mph in residential areas
• Extend, where appropriate, congestion charges and road-pricing schemes
• Encourage walking and cycling

Alan Francis
Transport Spokesperson