* Testing in northern Sweden * All engine variants sampled * Evoque on sale in the summer...


Most Evoques will spend the majority of their time on-road as opposed to off-road, and here it promises great things, with Richards saying the Audi TT and Mini were used as role models for driving ability and fun, and the Land Rover's own super-plush Range Rover for refinement.

We sat in on drives in all three launch models the 148bhp and 187bhp 2.2-litre diesels and 237bhp 2.0-litre petrol.

All provided decent acceleration away from the line, although the 148bhp diesel runs out of puff a little as you reach higher revs. It leaves the 187bhp as probably the best all-round option, and the likely best seller, with more willing, continued acceleration and more immediate reaction to throttle inputs. The petrol feels like great fun, but steel yourself for much higher running costs.

All three cars had a six-speed automatic transmission, which shifted smoothly and has the option of manual gear selection through steering wheel-mounted paddles.