Premium makers to drive alt-fuel growth

* Premium makers will accelerate growth in alternative-fuel cars * Their customers are willing pay the necessary premium * A-Class development vehicle to be leased in several European count...

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What Car? Staff
30 Sep 2010 10:15 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

The sales and development of alternative-fuel cars will be driven by premium car manufacturers, the boss of Mercedes has said.

Speaking at the Paris motor show, where Mercedes launched an electric A-Class development vehicle (the A-Class E-Cell), Dieter Zetsche said: We are in a unique position of having the engineering ability and customers willing to pay the premium price these cars must carry, and that is why the premium manufacturers will drive the early sales of these types of vehicles.

The company will lease the new A-Class E-Cell in several European countries, including Germany, France and the Netherlands, but not the UK. However, it has confirmed that, when the new A/B-Class platform is launched in two years, there will be at least one electric-powered option if the board gives the go-ahead.