Promoted: Instant car-care tips

We go in search of the finest bitesize advice to help you take care of your car, from changing wipers to moving your car when breaking down...

Promoted: Instant car-care tips

Increasingly busy lives means finding time to give your car the proper care and attention it deserves is becoming more and more difficult. We’ve set out to make things easier for you by getting down to basics and asking experts for their bitesize guides to car maintenance. 

We headed out across the country to talk to master technicians at Ford Motorcraft centres throughout the UK. The result is everything you need to know about keeping your car safe, clean and purring in nine handy, short videos. 

We find out how to look after your lights, the warning signs to watch out for when inspecting underneath your car, how to react to a break down safely, the best way to remove any mess left behind by angry birds and plenty more. 

From turning your steering to a lock position to check the tread on your front tyres, to replacing windscreen wipers with the click and rotate method, we’ve got everything covered – giving you more time to take care of your car.