Promoted: Nissan X-Trail 7-day test - space for the family, and more

Nissan’s large SUV is designed to offer an abundance of space. Reader Alison Williams tried one out for size...

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What Car? Promotion
20 September 2016

The Nissan X-Trail is a big SUV designed with space and versatility in mind – and that makes it a compelling choice for family motoring.

What Car? reader Alison Williams and her husband have two grown children at home in Burnley, Lancashire. She needs a family car that can cope with four grown-ups and their luggage for holiday road-trips, and journeys taking her daughter – and all her worldly possessions – back and forth to university.

As Alison is in the market for a new car, she was quick to volunteer when Nissan offered a select number of What Car? readers the chance to try an X-Trail for a week. Alison was asked to keep a video diary of her experiences. To see what happened, watch this video.

The X-Trail’s large interior easily met the needs of Alison and her family, and she was also impressed with the car’s build quality and features. “It’s fitted really well into my life,” said Alison at the end of her seven-day test. “I’d really like to get one. It’s on the shortlist, if not at the very top.”

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