Radio on, clock on, sat-nav off?

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Radio on, clock on, sat-nav off?
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What Car? Staff
9 Mar 2012 16:07

Q) Radio on, clock on, sat-nav off?
I have a Renault Grand Scnic with a TomTom Carminat built-in sat-nav system. I dont always need the navigation, but I do like to have the radio on and would also like to see the time. Is this possible? I cant get the radio and clock on without the sat-nav screen being on as well.
Cyrus Baria

A) According to Renault, the sat-nav and radio fitted to your car are linked, so if you want to have the clock and radio on at the same time, youll need to remove the SD memory card from its slot. The clock will then be displayed on the right-hand corner of the screen.