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The physics of the cars the way they handle, shift their weight and become unbalanced is brilliant. Brake hard into a corner and the back-end of some cars will switch places with the front faster than you can say Geronimo.

The adverse weather effects also had us attempting to peer around the edge of our television to get a better view through the windscreen, which is a fantastic indication of how immersive GT5 can be.

There's not a great sensation of speed, however, and this isn't helped by the poor quality sound effects. Too often you need to keep an eye on your speedo to work out whether you're coming into a corner too hot.

Sadly, though, GT5's new crash damage settings fail to stop you winning races by smashing into barriers and rivals.

Even high-speed impacts leave cars relatively unscathed, so you have to be unbelievably aggressive to get crash damage to kick into action. A patch is already in the pipeline for this, apparently.