Safety and gadgets

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12 May 2009 13:27 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Safety and gadgets

What we will get is Attention Assist. Standard across the range, it monitors the driver for signs of drowsiness.

There are other new safety systems, including one that counteracts the effects of crosswinds, although this is limited to the S500 (where it's an option) and S600 models.

Another new option is Splitview, which lets the driver and front passenger view different things on a single screen for example, the driver can be looking at sat-nav instructions while the passenger watches a DVD.

This seems a fitting addition, because the current S-Class has always been great to drive and to be driven in. It's surprisingly agile for such a big car, yet you'll be supremely comfortable if you prefer to sit in the back and read about second homes.

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