Skoda denies rift with VW

* Skoda denies restricted access to new tech * Its all available, say Skoda boss * but buyers want value for money...

Skoda denies rift with VW

Skoda chairman Winfried Vahland has dismissed reports that the VW Group is restricting the companys access to new technology amid fears that it is taking away VW customers by offering similar quality products for less money.

Responding to reports that the options list on the Skoda Fabia and Octavia had been cut to remove items such as LED lights, which would appeal to buyers at a more premium end of the market, Vahland said: The fact is we [Skoda] have access to every technology in the VW Group.

However, it is also true that Skoda customers dont want the latest technology, so of course we dont offer it. Skoda is about value-for-money, practicality and ease of use.

Vahland also highlighted internal VW Group research which demonstrated that there is virtually no crossover between a VW and Skoda buyer.

The brands stand for different things, and the customers are simply not the same, he said.