Skoda plans more sporty models

* Skoda to build on success of hot vRS models * Further Monte Carlo models expected * as is a vRS version of the new Rapid...

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Andy Pringle
26 Jun 2012 14:14 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Skoda is planning to introduce more sporty cars as it looks to increase its sales, What Car? has learned.

Speaking at the launch of the new Rapid, Jurgen Stackman, Skoda's head of sales and marketing, said that the company wanted to build on its long-standing success in international rallying and encourage interest in its sporty models.

Responding to questions about the chances of a vRS version of the Rapid, he replied that it was a 'good idea' and hinted strongly that such a model would be built.

He also suggested that the company could help to set up clubs for the owners of vRS models, at the same time as expanding its line-up of Monte Carlo models and trying to establish that as a brand in its own right.

Monte Carlo trim marries sporty styling and features to engines that are less powerful, and therefore cheaper for customers to buy and run, but is currently only available in the UK as a special edition in the Fabia hatchback range.

However, such has been the success of the concept it is already taking up to half of Fabia sales in some other countries that Stackman said the company intended to extend the offer to other model ranges. 'The emphasis', he said, 'will be not on cheap prices, but good value.'

Andy Pringle