Small family cars coming in 2013

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29 December 2011

Coming in 2013

Mercedes BLS
What is it? Swoopy small saloon, related to new A- and B-Class
Price from 24,000 (est)

Mercedes compact-model range will expand with new saloon, smaller than C-Class and with coup-like miniature CLS styling.
Seat Leon
What is it? Classier looks for Seats crucial new hatchback
Price from 16,000 (est)

Seats next Leon due in early 2013 will look very different from the current car, with a classier look strongly influenced by the IBE concept car (pictured). Therell be three-door and estate versions, too.
VW Golf
What is it? Seventh incarnation of VWs big-seller
Price from 16,000 (est)

No radical style changes for the next Golf, although its likely to be wider and lower, with plug-in hybrid and electric versions.
Volvo V30
What is it? Hatchback to compete with VW Golf
Price from 18,000 (est)

Volvo hasnt had a proper five-door hatchback to rival the VW Golf and Audi A3 for a long time, but the new V30 will rectify that. Its expected to use Volvos new four-cylinder engines.