Spyker moves production to Coventry

* Supercars to be built in UK * 40 new jobs to be created * Production has already started...

Spyker moves production to Coventry

Dutch firm Spyker Cars has moved assembly of its Aileron supercar from Holland to the Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP) factory in the UK.

To meet production targets, CPP envisages creating around 40 jobs. Five cars will be built each week.

Spyker company founder Victor Muller said: 'CPP has been producing our body panels for 10 years and we have an extremely close working relationship with the company.

'More than half our components are sourced from the UK, so moving here will bring us considerable efficiency savings, which is vital for a car company of our size.'

Brendan OToole, managing director of CPP, said: 'Against a general backdrop of decline in UK car manufacture in recent years, this is positive news not just for CPP, but for Coventry, too.'