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Style guide
Whichever way you look at it, though, the 3008 is a pretty nifty bit of kit. The lofty driving position gives a great view of the road ahead; a large glass area fills the cabin with light; and a snazzy centre console, which bisects the front section of the cabin, places the driver right at the heart of it all.

Complete this with a passenger-side grab handle, an electronic handbrake and enough switchgear to satisfy a jumbo jet pilot, the console dominates the cabin.

That's not to decry the quality of the surrounding plastics, which are as good as we've seen in a Peugeot. They're complemented by clearly laid-out controls that, in the main, work well always provided you don't put anything in the cupholders, that is.

They're located just where your forearm naturally falls, so even something as compact as a happy-meal-sized Coke will cause you to contort your wrist like a ping-pong champ in order to change gear.

Of course, you can always circumvent this problem by flipping the hinged lid of the centre armrest and dropping your beverage beneath. Just be careful not to let the kids try and retrieve their own drinks the void is so deep you might never see them again.

Big door pockets, a couple of deep glove compartments and a pair of under-floor storage bins in the rear they're large enough to swallow the complete literary works, or cuddly versions of Noddy and Big Ears complete the storage solutions.