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19 June 2009

9: Hyundai Getz

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 78.7%
Overall ranking: 56th=
Some distinctly mixed scores place the Hyundai Getz close to the middle of the results table.

On the plus side, the Getz should prove reliable. Owners reported few problems, either with mechanical parts or inside the cabin. The bodywork and other exterior components were especially trouble-free, with an excellent rating. Owners were also pleased with the low cost of keeping the Getz on the road, and the friendly and prompt service from Hyundai dealers.

However, they judged the Getz one of the least appealing superminis to look at (they gave it a poor rating), and were left cold by the driving experience and the cabin.

10: Peugeot 207

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 77.9%
Overall ranking: 61st
It's a good-looking car, say 207 owners. The styling was certainly one of the highlights in this year's results. What's more, there were few reliability issues inside the cabin. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems proved especially reliable.

Otherwise the 207 has an average performer. Mechanical reliability wasn't bad, but was nowhere near the standard set by the Honda Jazz. Running costs won't break the bank, but won't leave you quids-in, either. Dealers proved very adept at having cars ready for collection, but were otherwise in the middle of the pack for customer service.

11: Mitsubishi Colt

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 77.8%
Overall ranking: 62nd
For the most part, the Colt picked up average scores, with one or two exceptions. The most obvious weakness was in the cabin. Owners reported far too many faults, especially with the seats.

The mechanical parts gave less trouble, but weren't as bullet-proof as those in the Honda Jazz or Toyota Yaris. The most pleasing aspect of running a Colt was the low cost of ownership, with visits to the petrol station few and far between.

Mitsubishi dealers did a respectable job of booking in cars promptly and having them ready for collection on time, although some improvement is needed to match the best. Owners told JD Power they were unimpressed by the Colt's looks, but were happy enough with the way the car drives.

12: Citroen C3

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 77.5%
Overall ranking: 64th
Last year the C3 was 85th overall. This year it climbs more than 20 places, although there's still much work to be done.

On the positive side, reliability shouldn't be a worry. C3 drivers told JD Power that mechanical problems were rare. There was little to complain about inside the cabin or with the bodywork, either.

Although it didn't let them down, owners found little to get really excited about. The car's looks got the thumbs down, and the way the car drives was distinctly average.
Running costs were about average for a supermini, and while Citron's dealers didn't let the side down, they didn't especially help the cause, either.

13: Nissan Micra

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 77.4%
Overall ranking: 65th
A mid-field finish is no disgrace, but Nissan will be disappointed to see the Micra fall more than 30 places in the overall results.

There's no one aspect of the car that really drags it down, but it's average or just below in every one of the areas assessed.

The oily parts picked up an average score for reliability, as did the cabin, although problems with the seats proved rare. However, too many owners complained of problems with the car's exterior.

Micra drivers were reasonably positive about the car's performance and looks, but less enamoured with the cabin. Mid-table scores for running costs and dealer service completed a mid-table performance.

14: Seat Ibiza

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 77.1%
Overall ranking: 68th
The Ibiza moves from 83rd last year to 68th in 2009. An improved score for reliability is part of the reason. In 2008, owners rated mechanical reliability as below average; this year, it's better than the norm. Even so, there were still too many problems with the exterior.

Dealers could do better, too. An average rating overall disguises too many complaints about modest facilities and cars that weren't ready for collection when they should have been. Some Ibiza drivers were also disappointed by the cost of servicing, although insurance and fuel bills proved par for the course. Scores for vehicle appeal were so-so.

15=: Citroen C2

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 76.8%
Overall ranking: 70th
It's still in the bottom half of the results table, but this is an improvement on last year's 96th place for the C2.

Citron must be putting these cars together better, as last year's below-average rating for mechanical reliability has been turned into an above-average score this year. However, too many owners still had problems inside the C2's cabin, especially with the seats.

When trouble was serious enough for a trip to the dealer, owners weren't too happy with the service they received. Staff weren't as helpful as they might have been, and the quality of work wasn't always up to scratch.

15=: Ford Fiesta

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 76.8%
Overall ranking: 70th=
While the Fusion might be riding high in the results, the Fiesta is once again a disappointment. Last year it was 75th, this year it's 70th.

According to the 2009 survey, the worst aspect of owning a Fiesta is the running costs. Insurance premiums in particular came in for some stick.

Otherwise it's hard to get excited about it. Owners were happy rather than ecstatic with the way the car drives and with the practicality of the cabin. They were less than impressed by the frequent problems with the stereo, although the engine and transmission didn't cause too many troubles.

Ford dealers performed competently, but did nothing special.