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Satisfaction rating
Best bit Carefree Prius owners
Worst bit Nothing major

The Prius is a stand-out success for Toyota. Owners gave dealers high enough scores to make the Prius the top model in four of the five satisfaction areas, and second only to the Lexus IS for dealer facilities.

Manufacturers are sometimes pulled down by poor marks from small-car owners, but not so with Toyota. Aygo and Yaris owners praised dealerships, staff, the service process and the quality of work done.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Content Agila and Astra drivers
Worst bit Miserable Zafira owners

Zafira owners were very unhappy with the quality of dealership service, and scored dealers harshly across every measure.

Corsa, Meriva and Vectra owners also criticised, but Agila and Astra owners gave some better scores they found it easy to get a car booked in for a service, and thought that staff were helpful and polite.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Facilities; picking-up
Worst bit Unhappy Passat owners

Generally speaking, Volkswagen owners were happy with the facilities at dealerships, the picking-up process and the quality of work done.

Golf Plus and Golf owners werent as happy with the booking-in process and with staff, while those driving Passats werent happy with anything. They marked dealers down in every area, particularly for booking-in and the quality of work done, in which the Passat finished in the bottom 10 of all the models rated.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Staff
Worst bit Nothing

The politeness, knowledge and honesty of staff at Volvo dealerships attracted the best marks from owners.

Volvo owners also appreciated the condition, location and opening hours of dealerships.
The lowest scores given were for the quality of service and the picking-up process, but ratings were still comfortably above the industry average.

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