T.25 electric car gets first outing

* Three-seater on sale in two years * 0-62 in less than 15secs * 100-mile range, 48g/km CO2...

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What Car? Staff
29 Jun 2010 11:11 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

This is the first look at the T.25 city car from Gordon Murray Design, which could be on sale by 2012.

The car made its public debut at the Smith School's Word Forum on Enterprise and Environment. Running prototypes are expected by next April.

The car weighs just 550kg and is smaller than a Smart Fortwo. Even so, it can carry up to three people.

Depending on how the seats are to be configured, it takes 20 seconds to switch between the six possible layouts that are possible. Boot space is between 160 and 720 litres depending on the seat layout.

Three into one
The car is small enough to park at 90 degrees to the kerb, which means three T.25s could occupy the same space as one conventional car. Gordon Murray Design is also exploring the potential for two of the 1.3-metre-wide cars to overtake within one carriageway.

The T25's range is expected to be 80-100 miles, with a top speed of 65mph, 0-62mph in less than 15 seconds and CO2 emissions of 48k/gm. It uses a lithium-ion battery to power a 25kW electric motor, both of which are fitted under the floor.