Talking-car system uses cloud technology

* New platform integrated with car's systems * Cloud tech accesses emails and texts * Does not rely on your phone...

Talking-car system uses cloud technology

New talking-car technology with simpler, more integrated functionality has been unveiled by software firm Nuance.

The Dragon Drive! platform is currently focused on messaging via email and sms but it will eventually allow users to download songs, read media, locate nearby amenities and get directions.

Although in-car voice-recognition is nothing new - Ford Sync and My Ford Touch for example - this system differs from many solutions because it combines the car's onboard systems with cloud technology that can access email and text messages without the need to go through a phone.

Nuance is working with several car manufacturers in an attempt to get the system fully integrated into new models. However, the company says there is no option for retro-fitting the system.

Arnd Weil, vice-president at Nuance Mobile, said: 'Dragon Drive! has been designed from the ground up with a focus on voice and natural language, bridging that gap to give consumers the ability to take full advantage of the broad range of services todays connected car has to offer.'

A recent study in the US, by JD Power, revealed that nearly 70% of drivers said they wanted such voice-activation technology, while a similar number revealed they wanted wireless connectivity.

Nuance hasn't revealed any partners yet, but it expects the first cars with the technology fitted to hit showrooms later this year.

Pete Barden