The 10 best petrol cars on sale today

With petrols now more efficient, powerful, refined and appealing than ever before, we count down our top ten that drink from the green pump...

f you're buying a new car, chances are you're considering one with a petrol engine.Image 1 of 21

In fact, while sales of diesel-fuelled cars were down by more than a fifth across the first ten months of 2019, sales of petrols were up by 2.2% during the same period.

And the good news is that petrol engines are smoother, more powerful and more economical than ever before. So while you might have thought that you'd need to choose diesel for a larger car, such as an SUV, that's now no longer the case, as our round-up of the best petrol cars shows.

Whether you're in the market for a performance saloon, a family hatchback or even a seven-seat SUV, we'll help you find a petrol car to suit your needs. And remember, as well as giving more detail about each model in our independent reviews, What Car? can help you secure one at a discount with our exclusive Target Price deals.

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