The 10 slowest-depreciating hybrid cars

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars can help you to slash your running costs and are kinder to the planet than traditional combustion-engined models. Pick wisely, and some can even represent a rock-so...

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It's a sad fact that the second you drive your new car away from the showroom forecourt, it begins to shed pounds and pence in value because of depreciation.

Pick the right car, though, and you can minimise the loss, ensuring you get more of your money back when it comes to selling, or potentially meaning a lower finance payment.

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) cars make more sense for more drivers than ever before. They reduce your running costs compared with a traditional combustion-engined model, and also help you do your bit for the planet. Here we're looking at the 10 hybrid cars that retain the greatest portion of their value in the first 36 months and 36,000 miles of ownership.

In each case, you can read more about what they're like, or see how much we can save you upfront to help offset its depreciation, by clicking on the relevant links.