What Car?'s choice of the best Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals for motorists

We've hunted out the top deals on car-related products available as part of the 2023 Amazon Prime Day sales...

Amazon Prime Day products for motorists

At What Car?, we don't just review cars – we also test the products, tools and accessories that you might want to use with them. And the good news is that with Amazon Prime Day returning on July 11-12, there are some big discounts on many of the products we recommend.

Below we take a look at these deals. Plus, we've rounded up the largest discounts on other car-related products, starting with the largest percentage discount.

Discounts listed are versus manufacturer recommended retail prices (RRPs), and remember to access these deals you have to be a member of Amazon Prime. However, you can join Amazon Prime for a 30-day free trial here.

Bosch pressure washer

We rate this machine as the best pressure washer you can buy – for two major reasons. Firstly, it features an unbeatable balance of keen price, top-drawer cleaning performance, and essential accessories. And secondly, it’s just a brilliant design. For example, it comes fully assembled in a small box, with a hinged and foldable rear handle that makes it extremely compact. You can also swap between pencil jet, fan, and turbo nozzle with a twist of the wrist thanks to what Bosch calls the ‘Trio Nozzle’. And it’s even better value on Prime Day.

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If the Aquatak 135 is out of your budget, maybe consider its little brother, the Aquatak 120, now available at £79.99, a 27% discount

If the Bosch isn’t for you, there’s great offers on rival products from Karcher this Prime Day – and one is quite a bit cheaper than the Bosch too.

Karcher pressure washerNoco battery charger

This charger delivers exactly what most users will ever need at a more appealing price. It's the all-in-one charging solution - battery charger, battery maintainer, trickle charger, battery conditioner, plus battery desulfator. Charges dead batteries as low as 1-volt. Just charge it up, and store it in your car’s boot as an easy way to banish flat-battery blues.

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In-car vacuum cleaner: VacLife - £49.99 – 20% off

Vaclife in-car vacuum cleaner

The VacLife feels solidly built, and the attachments – including a crevice nozzle and a brush head – fit securely and make it easy to get under your seats, or to hoover large areas of carpet or suede. There’s also an LED light to help you see into awkward corners, plus a slim ‘detail’ brush that’s great for cleaning out your air vents. It has a 20 minute running time. On top of that, the VacLife is one of the quietest of our budget vacuums, despite also being one of the more powerful. A great all-round compact vacuum, at a really great price, especially on Prime Day.

Gtech vacuum cleaner

This is our most expensive option, so it’s no surprise that it is also the most powerful and would do a fine job of your house, as well as the car – particularly because it comes with a compact, rotary vacuum head that did the best job of removing dog fur from a carpet. It’s heavier than some rivals, but the variety of attachments still makes this very versatile, and it’s easy to manoeuvre one-handed. It’s the best cordless hoover here by some margin. It has a 20 minute running time.

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Now let’s take a look at the some of the biggest discounts available on Prime Day 2023 on car-related products:

Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-40 C3 Engine Oil 5L - £49.98

Castrol engine oil

This is a high quality premium oil from the well-regarded Castrol brand, operated by oil giant BP. This oil provides ongoing protection for all driving conditions, styles and temperatures, and clings to your engine forming an extra layer that protects during start up and beyond. If you have a petrol or diesel car, changing your oil regularly - and using high quality oil - is the single-most important thing you can do for your engine. The Amazon website will confirm whether it’s suitable for your car so check this before purchase.

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Get this deal – for diesel cars (4 litres - £17.84)

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner - £26.99 – 79% off

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

This is a portable, lightweight, powerful handheld vacuum cleaner ideal for keeping your car’s interior in tip-top condition. It features a strong Suction, 3 attachment accessories, a carry Case and of course the ability to run off your car’s 12V supply, complete with a 4.8m long power cord.

T-Cut headlight restoration kit

We don’t have to tell you how important your headlights are, and this product from T-Cut is a great way to keep them in perfect condition. This product contains a specially designed compound and sealant that works together to rejuvenate cloudy, scratched and yellow headlights back to a “like new” crystal clear finish.

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OSRAM XENARC ORIGINAL D1S HID Xenon discharge bulb - £29.74 – 74% off

Osram discharge bulb

Xenon headlights deliver outstanding illumination compare to conventional halogen units, but the bulbs come at a cost. But not this Osram, which comes with a whacking 74% off. Check the Amazon website for whether it will fit your car or not.

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Ledlenser P7 allround torch LED - £42.35 – 67% off

Ledlenser LED torch

This torch delivers a remarkable 450 lumens and offers a focusable beam capable of reaching 300 metres away. It comes complete with 4xAAA batteries.
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Wipkviey T27 Foldable Drone  - £33.99 – 66% off

Wipkviey foldable drone

Many car fans have got into the habit of filming their cars from up above, and they do that from drones which are very capable and need not be expensive. This drone is suitable for kids as well as adults and comes complete with a 720P camera. Its onboard battery delivers 26-30 minutes of flight time.

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Cosmos Indoor Car Cover - £25.39 – 64% off

Indoor car cover

This quality cover is compatible with most of the main hatchback model of cars and is elastic, breathable and dustproof. It has a soft lining, offers a snug fit and comes in red. Coupe, compact saloon and large saloon versions also available.

Tyre foot pump

This product features a pressure gauge running from 0 to 100 psi. It’s supplied with a nozzle for inflating footballs and air beds as well as car tyres. Made of a robust all-metal design, it’s fitted with a pressure dial for precise air input.

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CarPlan Original Black - Trim and Bumper Shine, 500 ml - £6.23 – 58% off

Bumper shine polish

Just spray on and wipe off to restore the new look to all PVC trim, plastic bumpers, tyre walls, side mirrors and spoiler kits. Contains an anti-static cleaning agent designed to resist dirt, grease and give a longer lasting shine.

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LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CR529 Code Reader  - £46.59 – 57% off

Launch OBD code reader

Being able to read your car’s fault codes used to be the preserve of car dealer repair shops only. No longer, and this scanner will help you figure out what’s wrong – and might even save you a hefty bill. It has full OBD2 Function, One-Click I/M Readiness, the ability to turn off the check engine light, and has Lifetime Free Updates

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And here’s the best of the rest of the Prime Day offers for motorists:

Castrol Transmax Limited Slip Oil LL 75W-140 1L - £18.65 – 36% off

Castrol car oil

Formulated with Smooth Drive Technology, is a fully synthetic hypoid gear oil formulated for use in both conventional and limited slip differentials.

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Autel AL539B OBDII CAN OBD2 Code Reader - £76.49 – 52% off

Autel car code reader

This clever package not only reads your car’s fault codes, but also tests the health of your battery too.

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Meguiar's X2035EU Supreme Shine Microfibre Car Cleaning Towels (6 Pack), Yellow - £19.52 – 51% off

Meguiar's car cleaning towelsCastrol GTX engine oilBosch battery charger

This device has intelligent and automatic operation: integrated microprocessor which detects battery voltage and ensures an optimal level of charge. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, scooters, and vans.

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NOCO GeniusPro25 - £309.95 – 48% off

Noco car battery charger

This device is a professional Smart Car Charger delivering 6V, 12V or 24V. It’s also a Heavy-Duty Battery Charger and Maintainer, a Power Supply and Desulfator for AGM, Leisure, Lithium, Van and Caravan Batteries. And it’s nearly half price.

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Glart 451RK Car Tyre Shine Tyre and Plastic Care - £12.02 – 48% off

Glart tyre shine

A great way to keep your tyres in gleaming condition.

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FLYLINKTECH Car Jump Starter - £59.99

This 20000mAh Lithium Battery is a Jump Starter Pack, delivering 12 volts for Cars Trucks SUV. It comes as portable Power Bank with LED Light.

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Autoglym Clean Wheels,  1L - Car Wheel Cleaner - £9.78 – 44% OFF

Autoglym car wheel cleaner

Clean Wheels is a powerful and fast acting formula that cuts through corrosive brake dust and road grime. Suitable for use on lacquered alloy, painted, and plastic wheel trims.

Autoglym car bodywork shampoo

A low foam deep cleaning car wash shampoo that leaves a glossy, water-repelling wax-like protection in one easy step

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Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray, 500ml – £14.87 – 43% off

Autoglym ceramic coating spray

Rapid Ceramic Spray quickly bonds to your paintwork to create a protective barrier for maximum resistance against the natural environment.

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Autoglym Odour Eliminator,  500ml – £7.69 – 43% off

Autoglym interior odour eliminator

An active formulation that doesn't just mask smells it destroys them, whether you're dealing with cigarette smoke, pet odors, or food spills, our powerful formula will leave your car smelling like new again.

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NOCO GENIUS PRO 50  - £533.95 – 41% off

Noco pro car battery charger

This is a commercial-grade battery charger to let professionals push the limits at incredible charging speeds – and today at a huge discount.

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T-Cut Colour Fast 3-in-1 Paintwork Renovator, 500ml - £9.12 – 35% off

T-cut paint polish

The T-Cut Colour Fast range is the easy way to clean, restore and wax your car. T-Cut Color Fast is ideal for most paint finishes, and is available in most colours.

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WindGallop Car Tyre Pump - £23.78 – 35% off

Windgallop car tyre pump

Just plug this auto tyre inflator into the 12V power outlet in your car and attach the hose to the Tyre you want to inflate.Press the power button to turn on or off, and an analog tyre pressure gauge for the current PSI (BAR).

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Meguiar's G201024EU Ultimate Quik Detailer 709ml - £14.71 – 30% off

Meguiar's car detailer

This quick spray detailer safely and quickly removes dust and surface contaminants between washings.

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