The LRX stands alone

* New boss asks for 100 days to decide * Small coupe/roadster and A3 rival for Jag? * Plus hybrids galore...

The LRX stands alone

The only product confirmed so far is the LRX, a small, but still posh, Range Rover.

The LRX is widely anticipated to make its first appearance on June 17 this year, the 40th anniversary of the original Range Rover.

On sale in 2011, the LRX will be built in Britain (quashing speculation that production might move to India) and should herald a new beginning for the company.

As well as being much smaller than the current Range Rover crop, the LRX will be far more efficient.

The talk is that every model in the range will emit less than 150g/km a very ambitious aim while a hybrid will produce less than 120g/km and manage more than 60mpg on the official cycle.