The plug-in hybrid SUVs with the longest ranges

Like the idea of a plug-in hybrid SUV? Well, here we reveal the model from each brand that can go farthest on a charge – and how much you can save on them...

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If you like the idea of an electric car but 'range anxiety' is a worry, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) can make a lot of sense. That's because they have a combustion engine, an electric motor and a battery to give you the option of using electric power for short journeys, and the engine for longer ones.

Indeed, an SUV can be a great match for plug-in hybrid power, because in most cases they're practical for ferrying around a family. On top of that they can also make brilliant company cars, because if they have a long electric-only range, their low official CO2 rating can place them in low benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax brackets.

So, which plug-in hybrid SUVs have the longest electric-only ranges? Here, we'll name the car with the longest official range from each manufacturer, as determined by official combined WLTP test ratings. Where applicable, we've also included more realistic real-world range figures.

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