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* Don't buy used before reading this * Must read rules of buying used cars * Top tips for 2010, too...

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22 Jan 2010 16:50 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Planning to buy a used car in 2010? Make sure you shop wisely with these handy car buyers' New Year resolutions.

We've also asked some of the UK's leading experts on used car sales to give us there top tips for buying used in 2010. Make sure you check out their tips at the end this feature before you even think about handing over any cash.

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5. I will be careful who I buy from
Buy from a franchised or independent dealer and you have a degree of protection, but buy privately and you could be dealing with anyone. Rogue traders sometimes masquerade as private sellers, trying to pass off poor-quality cars they've bought on the cheap, while scammers, with no real car to sell, place adverts in the hope of ensnaring a gullible punter. Ask for a name, an address and a land line phone number, and then make sure they check out.

6. I will always take a friend when viewing a used car
Two heads are better than one, and it's always advisable to take a friend along when looking to buy a car. They may have more knowledge than you, or may just be able to offer moral support when making a tough decision. Scammers will be put off if you take a friend, and dealers will find it harder to intimidate you into a sale.

7. I will be careful with my money
You've worked hard for your money, so don't run the risk of getting ripped off. Don't part with any cash before you've seen the car and satisfied yourself that the deal is genuine. Some of the latest scams involve foolish buyers sending money abroad, without seeing the car. Be wary of any seller who wants you to bring cash they may want to rob you.

8. I will get a technical inspection
If you don't know your big end from your gudgeon pin, get the car inspected by an expert. This'll help expose any major malfunctions and save you time and money on repairs. Most reputable garages and vendors should be happy for their car to be inspected unless they've got something to hide, that is.