Toshiba SDP95SWP

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Pete Barden
26 Apr 2012 10:11 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Toshiba SDP95SWP
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Features: The Toshiba is a single unit player with a nine-inch screen. It's compatible with media using CD+/-R CD+/-RW, DVD +/-R DVD+/-RW and DivX. There are two headphone jacks for two-user viewing, along with an SD card slot to view videos and photos etc. A set of headphones is provided, along with adapters for mains or in-car power supply. The unit also comes with a remote control and a high-quality fabric case to store and transport the player and accessories while not in use.

Mounting system? No. The design of this player means it must be fully open (laptop style) when operated. There are fixing systems available, but we haven't found one that looks convincing enough to recommend.

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Ease of use: The Toshiba player can be connected within just a few minutes, but the lack of a standard car-mounting kit means users will have to buy a fiddly aftermarket fixing, or place on their lap neither of which we'd recommend for reason of safety or practicality. Otherwise, the machine is easy to operate and comes with traditional over-ear headphones.

Performance: The nine-inch screen is a useful size, and of reasonable quality. Sound reproduction is good and volume is impressive through the speakers, but was more subdued when using the headphones. The Toshiba's larger screen and decent picture quality make it a good choice for mobile use in static locations, but not on the go.

What Car? says The Toshiba unit feels classy and strong. It's well featured and is compatible with most popular media formats. Its nine-inch screen is a useful size, while picture and sound quality also impress. It's just let down by its woeful in-car capabilities. The lack of a 360-degree screen means it has to be viewed like a laptop, which is not conducive to satisfactory use while on the move. It's a good machine, but not for use in the car, which is what we're looking for here.