Tow Car Awards 2022: Practical car

If you’re looking for a great tow car that will also be enjoyable to drive solo, you need one of our 2022 Tow Car Awards winners. Here we look at the most practical car...

WINNER: Practical car

Volkswagen Multivan 2.0 TSI 204 Style DSG

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Kerbweight 2123kg 85% match 1805kg Max towing weight 2000kg Towball limit 100kg

It may look more like a campervan than a tow car, but the Volkswagen Multivan is one of the surprise packages of this year’s test.

The 201bhp petrol engine isn’t an obvious choice for towing (there are also diesels and hybrids), but it offers strong performance, with the Multivan towing its caravan from 30-60mph in 10.7sec. The engine needs to be revved hard to get the best from it, though.

Tow Car Awards 2022 - Volkswagen Multivan nose

Once up to speed, engine noise settles into the background and the Multivan feels stable, happily towing at the legal limit and beyond. It wasn’t quite as happy in the lane change test, with the caravan beginning to slide, although the Multivan always dragged it back under control.

In the hill start test, there was some vibration through the pedals and seat when pulling away, but the car got the job done.

Most big 4x4s are more at home pulling away uphill, but few get close to the practicality and flexibility offered by the Multivan. Inside, it’s very spacious and comfortable.

Tow Car Awards 2022 - Volkswagen Multivan dashboard

Our car came with six seats – a no-cost option in place of the usual seven. This gives individual seats for all occupants, so there’s no rubbing elbows. The middle two seats can spin around to face the back, and if you stop for a snack, the sliding centre console that runs between all three rows has handy cupholders and fold-out tray tables.

The Multivan isn’t just a practical means of travelling with people, either. Even with our standard-length test car, there’s lots of luggage space, and the longer model has even more room.

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