Toyota Prius recall imminent

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8 Feb 2010 10:39 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

The Toyota Prius is expected to be recalled worldwide amid fears that its brakes could fail, according to reports from Japan.

Toyota has made no official comment on the claims, but said it would be making an announcement regarding problems with the Prius.

The spread of problems to Toyota's flagship Prius, a petrol-electric hybrid, is a devastating blow to the company, which has already recalled over eight-million vehicles globally.

Toyoto Prius Q&A

What's the problem with the Prius?
Under certain driving conditions, such as bumpy and slippery roads, Prius owners have reported momentary brake failure.

What does Toyota say?
Toyota says the problem is a software glitch within the car's anti-lock braking system (ABS). The manufacturer also claims that braking and safety is not 'compromised'.

Has Toyota fixed problem?
The problem with the brakes has been rectified by an update to the software in the Prius's brake control system. This was put in place on the Prius production line from late January 2010.

So why has it only just come out?
Since Toyota fixed the problem in January, many customers are accusing the manufacturer of a cover-up because it is only just considering a recall now.

The story so far
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