Toyota recall: the story so far

* Recalls announced in the US * 8 million cars now recalled * Repairs taking place in UK now...

Toyota recall: the story so far

Toyota has now recalled more than eight million cars worldwide because of potential issues with a sticking accelerator pedal and a brake problem in its Prius hybrid.

Here's the story so far:

Wednesday, March 5
Complaints from owners of remedied cars
Owners in the US complain of unintended acceleration in cars that have been through the recall process and remedied.

Wednesday, February 23
Toyota eats humble pie
Toyota bosses, including the grandson of the company's founder, appear before a US congressional committee and admit failures in dealing with the recalls.

Wednesday, February 17
New brake-override and Corolla recall
Toyota announces it is to fit a new brake-override system to all new cars - plus it's considering recalling the Corolla model.

Wednesday, February 10
Toyota starts recall repairs
Toyota's service centres are extending hours and working at weekends to fix the faulty pedal. An updates for the Prius's 'glitchy' brake software is also on offer.

Tuesday, February 9
Citroen tops recall table
Citroen tops the league table in the number of recall programmes it launched last year, with 15 separate actions.

Insurance is valid, says Toyota
Toyota has obtained a statement from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to confirm that cars affected by recall notices can still be driven without affecting insurance cover.

Toyota Prius in global recall
Toyota has confirmed a worldwide recall of its flagship Prius hybrid to fix a potential problem with its brakes. The recall affects more than 8500 Prius hybrid cars sold in the UK.

Monday, February 8
Toyota Prius recall imminent
The Toyota Prius is expected to be recalled worldwide amid fears that its brakes could fail, according to reports from Japan.

Friday, February 5
Toyota chief makes recall statement
Toyota's president, Akio Toyoda, has issued a statement, detailing his regret about the worry that the worldwide recall of Toyota's cars has caused his customers.

Toyota Prius may be recalled abroad
Some of Toyota's 2010 Prius hybrids may be recalled after brake problems with some cars.

How to stop if your accelerator sticks
How to cope in the unlikely event your car's accelerator pedal gets stuck.

Thursday, February 4
Extended hours for Toyota workshops
Toyota says its UK service centres will be open for extended hours and at weekends to cope with the massive recall.

Wednesday, February 3
Toyota confirms vehicles for UK recall
Toyota has identified the vehicles in the UK that are to be recalled to rectify an accelerator safety problem.

Tuesday, February 2
Toyota announces recall 'fix'
Toyota has said it has a 'comprehensive fix' for the 'sticky accelerator' pedal problem that has resulted in eight models being recalled across Europe.

Monday, February 1
Citroen and Peugeot join Toyota recall
PSA, the company that owns Citroen and Peugeot, is to recall more than 97,000 Citroen C1s and Peugeot 107s.

Friday, January 28
Toyota and Honda recall 2 million cars
Toyota will be recalling eight models in Europe in order to solve a potential accelerator pedal problem, and Honda has announced that it will recall Jazz models after one caught fire.

Thursday, January 27
Toyota confirms European recall
Toyota is to recall UK-based cars that might be affected by a faulty accelerator pedal.

Wednesday, January 26
Toyota suspends sales in US
Toyota has revealed that it is to suspend sales of eight of its most popular vehicles in the US.