Tropicool Freshbag TF-14

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Tropicool Freshbag TF-14

Tropicool Freshbag TF-14
Capacity: 14 litres
Price: 91.99

The TF14 is powered either by the mains or your car's 12V DC cigarette lighter. However, the mains adapter needs to be purchased as an extra (18.99). Maximum cooling is 25C below ambient temperature. The bag also has three external pockets for extra storage.

The neat compact design and bag with shoulder strap make this a highly convenient cool box to carry around. Its attractive looks and three extra pockets in the bag also make it more desirable.

The shortage of capacity and high purchase price make the TF14 far less attractive when compared with other units we tested. The lack of mains adapter as standard was another disappointment.

With the power connected for 1.5 hours the TF14 kept our sandwich at 11.7C 15.3C below the external temperature. After the cooling fans were switched off the temperature had increased to 17.3C an hour later, then up to 19.2C after another 60 minutes.

The high cost and average capacity makes this cool box decidedly impractical. A case of style over substance, is our verdict.

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