Turbocharge your stereo

* New sound system upgrades existing stereo * Tailors sound for each passenger * Cost 650...

Turbocharge your stereo

You want a premium sound system that would grace the likes of a BMW or Jaguar but your budget can't quite stretch to the premium car that goes with it?

Audio specialist JBL may just have the thing you. The JBL MS-8 actually upgrades your existing car stereo whether you've got a factory-installed or aftermarket stereo without the need to upgrade any existing equipment, to make your system sound the best it can possibly be.

The MS-8 automatically ensures that sound from all the car's existing speakers arrives at the listener's ears simultaneously, in up to four different seating positions, ensuring you get the best sound possible.

MS-8 comes with a digital signal processor that's fitted in the car's boot, and an LCD display that sticks on your car's dashboard.

Recently crowned the Best Product of the Year in the in-car category electronics category by the European Imaging and Sound Association, JBL says the system is straightforward to install and costs 650.

Find out more at http://ms8.jbl.com/.