Up to 200bhp

* Dubbed Peugeot's TT * Almost identical to concept car * From under 20k (est)...

Up to 200bhp

All three engines are new or at least, new iterations of existing ones. The pinnacle of the range is a 200bhp version of the Peugeot-Citron-Mini 1.6-litre turbo, delivering up to 203lb ft of torque from only 1700rpm.

With its clever turbo and valvegear systems, Peugeot claims it's quick, flexible and efficient fifth-gear 50-75mph acceleration in 6.5 seconds, average fuel consumption of just under 40mpg and sub-165g/km CO2 emissions. It's been acoustically tuned to produce different noises according to engine speed.

There's also a 156bhp 1.6-litre turbo a Euro V version of the current 150bhp engine in widespread use at both Peugeot and Citron. This delivers its maximum torque of 177lb ft at only 1400rpm, but with 40.9mpg economy and 159g/km of CO2 it has only marginal running-cost advantages over the more powerful unit.

Finally, there's a new Euro V version of Peugeot's 2.0-litre diesel engine, delivering 163bhp at a mere 3750rpm and 251lb ft of muscle at 2000rpm. Other selling points are 50mpg-plus economy and 139g/km CO2 emissions. Six-speed manual gearboxes are standard with all three engines, but the lower-powered petrol will be offered with a new six-speed auto from the middle of next year.

The electro-hydraulic power steering fitted to the 308 family of cars has been replaced with a pure hydraulic system on the RCZ in an effort to provide more feel; the braking system shares out the stopping effort for maximum effect and ensures full power when it senses the driver is making an emergency stop; and there's a full range of traction and cornering aids, plus hill assist to prevent you rolling backwards.

The 200bhp model has a unique front anti-roll bar to make it even more responsive and agile than the rest of the range.