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Used test: Audi SQ5 vs Porsche Macan S interiors

These sporty SUVs offer thrilling performance, but does the Audi SQ5 or Porsche Macan make the superior used buy?...

Audi SQ5 dashboard


Driving position, visibility, build quality, practicality

The Macan feels sportier than the SQ5 from behind the wheel, with its higher centre console and window line creating a cocooning feel. However, it’s disappointing that the 'comfort' seats with adjustable lumbar support didn't come as standard; it would've cost the original owner £1044. Also, the bulkhead bulges out into the Macan’s pedal area, forcing your left foot farther over to the right than is ideal.

Porsche Macan S dashboard

Both cars seem to shrink around you on the move, thanks to good forward visibility, but the Macan is slightly trickier to reverse, due to its smaller rear screen. Thankfully, both have front and rear parking sensors as standard, but you'll only find a rear-view camera if the original buyer paid extra for it.

In terms of build quality, you won’t be disappointed with either car. However, the SQ5 just has the edge, thanks to its even plusher materials and rotary heater controls that operate with the kind of precision to rival a Swiss watch.

The SQ5's infotainment system, with its rotary controller and physical shortcut buttons, is more intuitive to use than rival touchscreen systems, Macan’s included. The 8.3in screen isn’t quite as sharp as the Porsche’s, but the menus are easier to navigate. The Macan's 10.9in screen features menus that are fairly easy to navigate, and the system is quick to respond.

Porsche Macan S infotainment screen

As with the SQ5, sat-nav, digital radio, Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay were standard from new, but unlike in the SQ5, Android Auto wasn't. If you’re an audiophile, try to find an example with the optional Burmester or Bose sound systems, because the standard one is a bit lacklustre.

The front seats in both cars can be slid back far enough to accommodate the longest of legs, and there’s loads of head room. The SQ5 has a slightly broader interior than the Macan, but it isn’t as though you’ll be fighting your front passenger for elbow room in either.

There’s a more noticeable difference in the back, with the Macan’s smaller rear side windows and lower roof making it feel a little more claustrophobic. The SQ5 has more head, knee and elbow room, so taller rear passengers can sprawl out in a more comfortable fashion.

Audi SQ5 rear seats

Where the SQ5 really steals the show, though, is in the flexibility of its interior. While each car comes with rear seats that split and fold 40/20/40, the SQ5’s also slide so you can prioritise rear leg room or boot space, depending on your needs.

Even with the rear seats slid all the way back, you can fit nine carry-on suitcases below the SQ5’s parcel shelf, compared with eight below the Macan’s.