Used test: BMW 6 Series Coupe vs Jaguar XK

The BMW 6 Series Coupé and Jaguar XK are both excellent long-distance tourers with a distinctly sporty edge, but which one makes most sense as a used car purchase?...

Used test: BMW 6 Series Coupe vs Jaguar XK

Our Verdict

There’s much to like about the Jaguar XK. It’s sporty, handles beautifully and it sounds fantastic. It cuts quite a dash, too, and if you were to buy one, we think you’d have immense fun.

At the time we first brought these two cars together for evaluation, we placed the BMW 6 Series 640d on top, narrowly clinching victory on the grounds of its ability to cover long distances better. This was mainly a matter of its high-speed composure, top-notch refinement and its huge range, although it also scored highly for its classier and significantly roomier interior. The fact that it’s cheaper to run merely sealed the Jag’s fate.

Now, viewed as used purchases, we can’t ignore the fact that the 640d is cheaper to buy, too, and on all those counts it must win here. Provided you have no objections to owning a diesel-engined car, it makes the most sense on nearly all levels. However, if your loyalties were to Jaguar and you don’t like the idea of running an oil-burner at the moment, we wouldn’t blame you if you went for the XK. You might not emerge at the end of a long journey feeling quite so relaxed but, as with the 640d, you’d have a large grin on your face – and all that for the price of a new Volkswagen Touran.

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1st – BMW 6 Series Coupé

Used test: BMW 6 Series Coupe vs Jaguar XK

For Refinement; classy interior; wonderful cruiser

Against Slightly numb steering; doesn’t handle like a sports car

Verdict The BMW 640d is a stylish and luxurious grand tourer that’s also surprisingly economical to run

Rated 4 out of 5

Used BMW 6 Series Coupé review

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2nd – Jaguar XK

Used test: BMW 6 Series Coupe vs Jaguar XK

For Lovely to drive; stylish looks; sounds great

Against Rear space limited; fuel economy disappointing; wind and road noise

Verdict The Jaguar XK is a fast and extremely tempting GT car, but you can expect your fuel bills to be high

Rated 4 out of 5

Used Jaguar XK review

Used Jaguar XKs for sale

Specifications: BMW 640d M Sport

Engine size 3.0-litre diesel

List price when new £66,745

Price today £22,500*

Power 313bhp

Torque 464lb ft

0-60mph 5.3sec

Top speed 155mph

Fuel economy 51.4mpg (Official average)

CO2 emissions 145g/km

Specifications: Jaguar XK 5.0 V8

Engine size 5.0-litre petrol

List price when new £65,000

Price today £30,000*

Power 380bhp

Torque 380lb ft

0-60mph 5.6sec

Top speed 155mph

Fuel economy 25.2mpg (Official average)

CO2 emissions 264g/km

Price today is based on a 2012 model with average mileage and full service history, correct at time of writing