Used test: Ford Kuga vs Volkswagen Tiguan

So, you want a used SUV that's great value but still has a bit of flair. Which best fits the bill: the Ford Kuga or Volkswagen Tiguan?...

Used test: Ford Kuga vs Volkswagen Tiguan
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23 Jul 2016 06:00

What are they like inside?

The Ford Kuga’s dashboard features a clear, easy-to-use layout and clearly labelled controls, and it doesn’t feel too badly put together, but many of the plastics are hard and unappealing. You also don’t get as wide a range of seat adjustment in the Kuga as you do in the Volkswagen Tiguan.

Where the Kuga really falls down, mind you, is in the amount of space it offers. It’s okay up front, but if you try to fit adults in the back seats for any longer trips, you might find them starting to complain after a few miles, because there isn't much leg or head room in the back seats. The Kuga also suffers from a small boot that isn’t the most practical shape.

Used test: Ford Kuga vs Volkswagen Tiguan

The VW is much better. Space in the front is good, and there’s far more in the back than you’ll find in the Ford. What’s more, the boot is both large and a practical shape, and its opening is wide and square, meaning you’ll be able to fit bigger, more awkward loads into it than you will with the Kuga. And the Tiguan comes with sliding and reclining rear seats, so you can choose between extra boot space and rear leg room.

That said, if you’re used to the classy interiors some used VWs come with, you might feel a little let down by the Tiguan. The plastics are certainly better than the Kuga’s, but they still aren’t up there with the best, and the dashboard design is rather uninspiring. Mind you, at least all of the switches and controls are within easy reach and a doddle to use.

Used test: Ford Kuga vs Volkswagen Tiguan

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