Used test: Porsche Panamera vs Tesla Model S

Porsche and Tesla both offer luxury hatchbacks that combine scorching performance with surprisingly sensible running costs. But which car is the better used buy?...

Porsche Panamera leading Tesla Model S

Our verdict

The Model S will woo plenty of people who drive in central London, thanks to its comparatively tiny tax bills and the fact it can escape the ULEZ fee, but that’s not enough for the victory here. Indeed, due to its much poorer resale values, you would need to cover a huge number of miles a year before its cheaper fuelling costs made up the difference in value lost when compared with the Panamera.

Even if you discounted the financial side of the argument, the Tesla isn’t as comfortable as the Panamera, doesn’t handle as well, doesn’t feel as special inside and is likely to be far less dependable. The Model S is a fine car, but the Panamera’s range of abilities is simply breathtaking.

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1st – Porsche Panamera

New Porsche Panamera vs Tesla Model S

For Performance; handling; comfort; interior quality; rear seat space

Against Heavy tax burden; high load lip; thirsty when driven hard

Verdict An astonishing all-rounder that’s well worth the money

What Car? rating 5/5

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2nd – Tesla Model S

New Porsche Panamera vs Tesla Model S

For Instant acceleration; quieter cruiser; bigger boot; cheaper tax

Against Poor ride on rough roads; uninvolving handling; fit and finish

Verdict A compelling choice for London commuters but not as talented as the Panamera

What Car? rating 4/5

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Specifications: Porsche Panamera 4S

  • Engine size 4.0-litre diesel
  • List price when new £94,234
  • Price today £77,000*
  • Power 416bhp
  • Torque 627lb ft
  • 0-60mph 3.0sec
  • Top speed 177mph
  • Fuel economy 42.2mpg (NEDC official average)
  • CO2 emissions 176g/km

Specifications: Tesla Model S 90 D

  • Engine size Two electric motors
  • List price when new £89,380
  • Price today £62,000*
  • Power 417bhp
  • Torque 487lb ft
  • 0-60mph 4.5sec
  • Top speed 155mph
  • Range 346 miles (NEDC)
  • CO2 emissions 0g/km

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