Vauxhall's new look

* Griffin logo redesigned * Arrives at same time as the Insignia * Company name used for first time in 70 years...

Vauxhall's new look

This is the new face of Vauxhall, which will appear outside dealerships from August.

The company has redesigned its griffin logo to make it more modern and less fussy. The new badge zooms in on the griffin's head.

It is no accident that the new badge will appear at roughly the same time as launch of the Insignia, the replacement for the Vectra. Vauxhall says the Insignia represents 'a whole new level of sophistication' and believes the redesigned badge reflects the company's growing confidence.

The new badge forms the centrepiece of the Insignia's grille and will be added to other models as they are replaced or updated.

On cars, it has a black background to avoid colour clashes with paintwork, but outside dealerships the base colour will be Vauxhall's traditional red.

'Vauxhall' script appears on the border of the griffin badge for the first time in around 70 years.