WCAU brand guidelines

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WCAU brand guidelines

This page is designed to explain What Car?'s guidelines regarding the use of the What Car? Approved Used brand.

The assets are available to download below - in the form of Zip files - along with guides and examples on their correct and acceptable usage.

Contact us
This guide is not exhaustive so you may well have questions. If you are unsure about anything or require any guidance please contact your What Car? Approved Used account handler [whatcar.approved@haymarket.com](mailto:whatcar.approved@haymarket.com?subject=Approved Used help)

WCAU-Square-BW-logo.ps - 300 dpi
WCAU-Square-BW-logo.psd - 300 dpi
WCAU-Horizontal-BW-logo.ps - 300 dpi
WCAU-Horizontal-BW-logo.psd - 300 dpi

Logo Usage

There are two types of logo available, square and horizontal, each available in several formats. Their use is defined by the size that they will appear.

For print use
Square logo should be used throughout any printed matter. Although, if the logo will appear below 20 millimetres in height, please use the horiztonal version. This horizontal version can be scaled down below 20 millimetres, but should remain readable.

For web use
Square logo should be used throughout all web use. Although, if the logo will appear below 40 pixels in height, please use the horiztonal version. This horizontal version can be scaled down below 40 pixels, but should remain readable.

Logo spacing and exclusion zone
To preserve the What Car? Approved Used logos integrity there should always be a clear space around the logo. This 'exclusion zone' should be a minimum of the logo x-height. This is to be applied to both print and web material.

Unacceptable usage
Do not modify or alter the marks or use them in a way that is misleading or confuses What Car? Approved Used with another brand.

• Do not change the logo orientation
• Do not bevel or emboss the logo
• Do not outline the logo
• Do not place the logo on a photo or pattern• Do not crop the logo
• Do not add any effects to the logo
• Do not distort the logo proportions

Logo use examples

To aid you in determining the correct size and spacing for your files, here are some examples below.

Dealership site footer association

Online advertising

Dealership emails

URLs and links

What Car? Approved Used
All mentions of urls and links for What Car Approved Used should be directed to

Trusted Dealers
All mentions of urls and links for Trusted Dealers should be directed to

Description copy

What Car? Approved Used
All mentions of What Car? Approved Used should be written out in full. Capitalising the first letters of each word. What Car? should be displayed with a ?

10 Points of Difference charter
Our trusted dealers all sign up to a 10 Points of Difference charter and can promote these within their marketing material using the copy below. Note that 10 should be displayed numerically, while Points of Difference should include a capital P and D.

What Car? Approved Used copy
To aid in relaying the strength of the relationship you have with What Car? Approved Used, below is a description that can be used on your websites.

The 'What Car? Approved Used' logo you'll see in this dealership is a lot more than a badge. It's an important new development in car retailing - and a huge step forward for used car buyers looking for maximum peace of mind.

What Car? is the UK's biggest and best car buyer's guide and has joined forces with Trusted Dealers to create the safest place to find a car online. Its reputation is built on a few key principles - honesty, integrity and straight talking. Now, used car dealers who believe in the same principles have the opportunity to join a select group of What Car? Approved Used dealers.

What Car? Approved Used in partnership with Trusted Dealers is united by one aim: to give used car buyers the reassurance and confidence they need to make the right decision. To provide that reassurance, all What Car? Approved Used dealers sign up to the Trusted Dealers 10 Points of Difference charter. For each used car they offer, every What Car? Approved Used dealer undertakes to:

•Conduct a full pre-delivery mechanical inspection
•Carry out theft and write-off checks
•Check that there's no outstanding finance
•Check that the mileage is accurate
•Offer a test drive
•Take a buyer's existing car in part-exchange
•Offer finance and service plans
•Provide a minimum of three months' MoT
•Carry out a full professional valet
•Supply a warranty

It's a checklist most car buyers would happily write themselves. It's one that What Car? fully supports - and it brings a level of security that makes What Car? Approved Used one of the safest places to buy a used car.