What the papers say: November 28

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What the papers say: November 28
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What Car? Staff
28 Nov 2008 14:47

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Car makers plead for help
Britain's car makers yesterday pleaded for help from the Government, at the same time as Jaguar Land Rover announced it is cutting the number of agency staff it uses by 850. The Guardian reports that industry bosses made the plea to business secretary Lord Mandelson.

Aid needed within two weeks
The Times also covers the car industry's plea for cash, reporting that the SMMT has said money is needed within two weeks if closures and job losses are to be avoided.
The Times

Congestion charge zone halved
The London congestion charge zone is to be slashed by half, a year after it was extended by London Mayor Boris Johnson's predecessor Ken Livingstone. The Times says the decision comes after a bitter dispute between Johnson and officials in his transport authority.
The Times

How the Italian Job ended
Michael Caine has finally revealed what happened to the gold and gang at the end of The Italian Job. After using a fleet of Minis to complete the hoist, the gang's coach skidded on a bend and was left balancing over an Alpine cliff face. On the 40th anniversary of the film's release, Sir Michael has revealed that Charlie Croker and his band of robbers all escaped, but the gold tumbled down the mountain into the hands of the Mafia. The ending was filmed, but never used, according to Caine, speaking in the Telegraph.

Empty showroom
The Guardian paints a grim picture for the UK's motor industry, with a report from a car dealership in Slough. The paper says that just one person was picking over the huge display of cars, causing the eight salespeople to instantly converge on him. New cars have been removed, to be replaced with only used vehicles. Discounts are also huge, with the dealer offering a Mercedes E220 for 21,950 cut from the showroom price of 35,000.

Man caught steering with his feet
The Sun reports that police in China were 'amazed' to find a man with no arms driving a car by steering it with his feet. The man, who lost his limbs in an industrial accident, told police he had been driving this way for several years.
The Sun

Fergie's sat-nav sold with car
Police sold a second-hand royal car complete with a sat-nav holding the home addresses of senior royals. The sat-nav contained directions to the Duchess of York's home in Surrey, and to the house occupied by of Princess Beatrice's boyfriend, according to The Sun.
The Sun