What's it like to drive and our verdict

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What's it like to drive and our verdict
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What Car? Staff
22 Jan 2010 15:50

Without doubt, the DS3 is the best-driving Citroen in many a long year, evoking much of the spirit of the hot Saxo VTS albeit not quite as harem-scarem.

The DS3's handling is, nonetheless, very entertaining with neat body control, plenty of grip and enough information coming from the ground up to let you know when the tyres are getting close to giving up grip.

The steering isn't quite as feelsome as some hotshot boy racers might like, but it's nicely weighted with just enough assistance to take the sting out of town driving then weighting up and becoming sharper as you pick up speed.

The suspension too, strikes a decent compromise between comfort and control. It's cushy enough to take the sting out of most urban landscapes (our Parisian test drive proved an arduous test) and yet beefy enough to maintain a flat cornering attitude when the roads turn twisty.

Equally, a sustained blast down a good few kilometres of smooth peage proved the DS's credentials as a stable and comfortable high-speed cruiser.

Citroen has pinched Mini's tempting servicing package approach, which, for a one-off payment, gives you an extended warranty and covers the cost of servicing and replacement of consumables for three years.

Add in Citroen's claims for strong resale values and it looks like a rosy future for DS3 owners.

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