What's the ideal driving position?

What's the ideal driving position?

I find it awkward to find a comfortable driving position. What's your best advice?

Jump in car. Turn key. Drive off.

That's what we tend to do day after day without even considering whether we're in the correct driving position.

However, a sore back is very difficult to shake off, and it's too late to start adjusting your seat after a couple of hours when the pain has just started to kick in.

Here are a few quick tips:

• Don't sit too close to the steering wheel. If you're too far away, you'll get aching in your shoulders.

• Move the backrest so you have support all the way up your spine, and adjust the lumbar support until it just rests against the base of your spine, not pushing against it.

• If your spine is curved, then the seat is in the wrong position.

Don't become part of the seat
Above all, make sure you include enough time for rest stops, and try to have a break every two hours.

If you don't like stopping at service stations, plan a route that includes somewhere you can find a decent place to pull off and stretch your legs.

If you can, share the driving with someone else.

When you're driving, make sure you move around from time to time in your seat.