Will my car qualify for scrappage cash?

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What Car? Staff
5 May 2009 15:13 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

I own a Skoda Felicia that was first registered in October 1999. I want to buy a new car, and I was wondering if it will qualify for the scrappage allowance when it is 10 years old?
Kerry Cox, via e-mail

Unfortunately not. Only cars registered before August 1 1999 will be eligible for the 2000 scrappage allowance (from May 18). This qualifying date won't change, even though the allowance will be available until March 2010 (unless the 300 million that the Government has set aside for the incentive runs out first).

The scheme also relies on motor manufacturers agreeing to take part, because half the 2000 allowance will be paid by them. So, unless all of them sign up, those who do qualify for the cash could have a limited choice of cars to choose from.