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Forget the sackcloth and ashes, this Ford proves you don't have to slum it to do your bit for the planet.

Above all, the Focus is proof that outstanding efficiency and lower emissions can be achieved without using prohibitively expensive technologies.

As a result, the Focus's affordable pricing means more people can contribute to a common cause and together make a huge difference to the environment.

Avoid the headline-grabbing Econetic Focus in favour of our award-winning 1.6 TDCI 110bhp Style 5dr and you won't go far wrong.

Why? Well, because both models use the same 1.6-litre turbocharged diesel engine, and although the Econetic returns 65.6mpg - almost 3mpg more than the Style on average - it'll cost you an extra 250 to buy; you'll need to put in some serious mileage to recoup the extra outlay.

There's good news for business users, too, because the Style falls into the same highly affordable 13% taxation bracket as the Econetic. Reckon on paying around 35 per month in company car tax if you're a basic-rate tax payer, or 70 if you get a larger pay packet.

What's more, the Style comes with a particulate filter to reduce soot emissions, so it's also doing its bit for local air quality.

Of course, owning a car today is still as much about pleasure as having a social conscience, and the best part about the Style is that it drives much better than the Econetic.

Free of low-rolling-resistance tyres and unfeasibly high gearing, the Style offers decent performance, nips through corners, and rides with all the comfort we've come to know and love of the Focus.

Inside, there's also no sign of compromise. Family friendly practicality and safety take precedence, thanks to electronic stability control, six airbags and a maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating as standard.

Throw in enough room for four to travel in comfort, as well as a decent boot, and the Focus will satisfy your head, your heart and your conscience.

With thanks to the Eden Project: