Wireless charging ready to go

* Wireless charging tech for electric cars * Trial due to start imminently with London taxi firm * No date for full production, though...

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Tom Webster
30 Apr 2012 13:25 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Wireless charging for electric cars is ready to hit the UKs streets, according to leading companies behind the technology.

Chargemaster and Qualcomm will trial wireless chargers in London later this year, along with taxi firm Addison Lee.

The hardware is essentially ready to go, so the trial of up to 50 cars is designed to look at areas such as logistics, and the placement of charging plates, according to Chargemasters chief executive, David Martell.

The fundamentals of the technology are there now, he said. It is the details and where it goes that are being assessed.

Building a wider network of wireless charging points is the biggest barrier to the technology, but Martell pledged that all of Chargemasters public charging points will be able to support the technology in the future.

However, Qualcomms senior director of innovation development, Stuart Cook, believes its unlikely that wireless charging will prove viable as a retro-fit option for existing electric cars. Instead, he says that manufacturers of such cars will need to take the lead in incorporating the system.

The upcoming trial has no end date set, and neither Chargemaster or Qualcomm were able to offer a date when wireless charging points are likely to come to market.

Tom Webster