Used Suzuki Swift 2017-present review


Used Suzuki Swift 17-present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Suzuki Swift hatchback?

The Ford Fiesta has always been one of the best cars in its class. As long as you avoid the Style version, you get a touchscreen infotainment system that allows you to connect your smartphone using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It’s much sharper to drive than the Suzuki Swift and the ride is perfectly judged, soaking up the worst of ruts without being soft, yet it is taut enough to keep body roll in check.

The Skoda Fabia shares engines with its sibling, the Volkswagen Polo. The turbocharged petrol engines are nice and refined, even if some aren’t quite as powerful or efficient as the ones in the Swift. The Fabia isn't quite as much fun to drive as the Swift, either, but it is more practical for small families due to its larger boot.

If you desperately want a hybrid small car, the only other alternative at the moment is the Toyota Yaris. The standard car is efficient enough, but the hybrid version takes it to a whole other level. Mind you, the Yaris won’t suit all; its infotainment system only offers Bluetooth connection, not the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionality that many rivals – including the Swift – offer.

Used Suzuki Swift 17-present
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Fun to drive, very fuel efficient and generously equipped, the Suzuki Swift is a fine choice for those in the market for a well priced small car

  • Lively performance of 1.0 engine
  • Tidy handling
  • Well equipped
  • Road and wind noise
  • Harsh ride
  • Cheap-feeling interior plastics